Future Forward

We’re pioneering new relationships with our food

Food Supply Chains

We realize the fragility and low margins our food systems and supply chains operate on and we are committed to identifying opportunities to fill gaps and problem solve these issues along our journey to bettering our food systems.

Ingredient Sourcing

We source high quality ingredients from local farms whenever possible. When it comes to sourcing our other ingredients from around the world we practice due diligence making sure suppliers fit our requirements and our customers needs.


We are on our way to becoming a Certified B Corp which will help us measure our footprint as we continue to grow our business.


We’ve been first to market with introducing a compostable pint container in the frozen category. We have plans to take that further and print our containers with plant based inks.


Vegan Certified

We take pride in our ingredients and formulas being vegan certified by vegan.org methods. This brings us closer to our mission in helping our bodies and earth’s needs.

Inspiring Imagination

Step one to rebuilding our relationship with food takes having a fearless imagination and ditching the controlling fad diets and bizarre concepts nutrition.

Flavor Curious

A happy tongue is a well exercised tongue. We are inspired to create multi dimensional flavor combos that get your taste buds exploring new ways of experiencing life.

Own Your Taste

We believe having moments to connect to our taste and smell are under represented and over looked in our society. Let us unlock your tongue from it’s tasteless shackles of the last 60 years of industrial food and give you some real memories.