Sustainability: Impact Earth Feature

In 2014, we knew that we wanted to make a difference in our community. Driven by environmental stewardship, we melded our backgrounds in sustainability, policy, community development, sales, and restaurant management into Impact Earth. In July 2014, we developed our very first zero waste service at an event in Ithaca, NY. Fast forward to today, Impact Earth now serves the greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Region as the one stop shop for zero waste services and products.Together, we can create our sustainable future.

Our vision is to build a future where communities thrive within a new circular economic model where all people, resources, and the planet are valued.

Our Mission is to reduce single-use consumption and divert materials from the landfill through: education, access to products and services, and creation of policy and processes.  


In order to help jump start your zero waste journey, we have partnered with Eat Me (one of our clients) to put together this short list of easy things you can do to reduce your environmental impact! 

  1. One Choice at a Time: Before we get into any specific tips, the most important thing we can share is to just make one choice/change at a time! For many people, it can be overwhelming to try and change your whole lifestyle all at once. So, instead, pick one thing from this list and stick to it! Once you have mastered that thing, you can move on to something else. One of our favorite quotes from Anne Marie Bonneau is “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

  2. Compost: Composting is an easy step you can take to reduce your environmental footprint…in some cases it only requires using a different bin! When we throw food scraps in the trash, they are taken to a landfill where they create Methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas. When food scraps are composted, however, they do not create methane! In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, composting also leaves you with an awesome natural fertilizer that can be used in your gardens. You can either create your own compost pile at home, or use a service like ours (

  3. Ditch the Plastic: Plastic, once viewed as an amazing invention, has turned out to be a massive problem for the environment! To create plastic, we have to extract fossil fuels from the earth and create a product which will sit in a landfill indefinitely. As we prefaced this article, we recommend making one choice at a time when you are trying to eliminate plastics from your life. If you run out of your usual shampoo, opt for a plastic-free shampoo bar ( If you run out of zip-lock bags in your kitchen, choose a reusable option going forward instead. When you ditch plastic packaging, you may actually find that you are consuming less and supporting more local businesses. It’s a win-win!  

  4. Bring your Own: Sometimes, when you’re out and about, it is difficult to avoid plastic packaging. From water bottles, to plastic cutlery, to styrofoam take-out containers, an easy solution is to just bring your own! If you commit to keeping a reusable water bottle or set of utensils on you, you will find that you collect a lot less trash throughout your day!

  5. Support Local: Think Globally, Act Locally. Supporting local businesses that are doing good in the community is one of the best ways that we can make a difference. Choose to support restaurants and businesses that source locally, compost, and use compostable packaging! Additionally, local businesses are much more likely to be receptive to customer feedback…if you love a place that isn’t doing these things, talk to them about it! As a local community, we can make a difference.

Written by: Impact Earth