Plant-based ice cream
to awaken & nourish
your senses

Ice cream is for lickers!

Taste is a gateway to discovery πŸ’«

At Eat Me, we know that practice makes perfect. That’s why we made this handy map to help your tongue get started on its new workout routine.

Whether you're in downtown Rochester (like us), NYC, or basically anywhere else on the East Coast, we want to make it easy to get your licks in every day.

Flavor of the Week

We like to get weird, so get ready for a sensual ride


Passionfruit & Mezcal

Tropical tongue tryst. Tangy fruit zing-a-lings the tip of your tongue in awakening, uplifting vibrations rounded out with a splash of earthy Mezcal.

Tasting notes:

tart, tropical, zingy, passion

Vegan Certified


Since 2011 we’ve been a first mover in the non-dairy ice cream space in Upstate, NY and innovating on β€œeats like dairy” vegan ice cream. Ultra creamy, simple ingredients and indulgent flavors because the world still needs BETTER plant based ice cream.

Future Forward

Future Forward.jpg

How are we tackling issues surrounding our food supply chains, sourcing ingredients and offsetting our environmental impact as we grow? We are redefining our vision and strengthening our commitment in 2021.

Women Owned

We are committed to empowering women and creating equitable opportunities for all. Our manufacturing plant resides in the center city of Rochester, NY making our position in the community more important by building social wellbeing and trust in our communities.

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